About Us

Our Little Story

Blend 101 was formed by Steve Hellyer, a long time Pitmaster boasting close to a decade of experience in the Low & Slow scene in Australia. Steve was mentored by Texans back in the day’s before low and slow food was a ‘thing’ here in Australia. From there he spent up to 4 nights per week sitting by a fire perfecting the art. In addition to this, he also produced a rubs range completely from the ground up to marry perfectly with the meats they were smoked with, without taking away from the natural flavor he put so many hours into cooking. These rubs were perfected over 10 years to the product we have today.

Steve has worked incredibly hard to make his SIGNATURE series of rubs the series for all. Unlike competition inspired rubs, his SIGNATURE series contains no heat so is safe for the entire family to enjoy. Our point of difference is that we dont JUST product BBQ 'rubs' When purchasing Blend 101 products , you're purchasing new flavours, exciting blends and a product that will keep your customers coming back for more.

From humble beginnings, Steve’s passion shines through in every aspect of his life from founding one of the largest Australian Low & Slow Facebook group with over 50 000 members currently along with running one of the largest mobile smoking operations in the country, serving to many tens of thousands over the years of operation.

Moving forwards, Steve has decided a quieter life is for him and has settled to now produce the high end spice mixes (and shortly sauces) that were used in his highly successful commercial operation. All rubs are made to strict guidelines, professionally packaged and present well on shelves.



We also offer CO-PACKING solutions. CONTACT US TODAY to make your dream of your own spice blends range a reality.