Our Approach

Blend 101 works on a philosophy that meals should be great tasting, fresh and for everyone. Our range caters for all, from young to old focusing on fresh, locally purchased ingredients blended and packed in house by the owner himself. Each batch is carefully monitored to ensure quality meets our exacting standards.

Our Story

Steve Hellyer is an old hand at low and slow BBQ in Australia having started his journey in early 2008 by smoking meats in his backyard with a fashioned smoker. Persistence and many, many years of practice along with help from Texan born Australians had helped Steve to the stage of beginning his own BBQ business some years later. It was during this time Steve also set out to create his own signature flavour by means of building rubs recipes from the ground up using outlined flavour profiles. Due to the nature of having to sell meats these rubs were used on to the masses, Steve decided to create rubs based on Australian’s tastes, minus the heat, so as to appeal to a wider audience. These recipes, to this day are still hand written in what Steve calls his ‘bible’

Move forward many years and many tens of thousands of happy customers, Steve and Cassie had decided to close the doors on their food business in lieu of a quieter life. After a short rest it was decided that Steve would further pursue his passion for BBQ by means of showing people how to perfect the art in master classes. In addition to this, in August of 2018 Steve also formed Low & Slow 101 in order to small batch the rubs (and soon to be sauces) that were used so successfully within his commercial entity.

This has enabled Steve to become a master of flavours, having built award winning combinations of spices previously, our entire team are excited to bring you BLEND 101!

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of a solid foundation from owner to blending and packing to distribution. Our team hold a wealth of knowledge in their field and pride themselves on serving you, the customer the best way possible. We are real people with a real passion for great quality products.


Steven Hellyer

Founder & CEO

Founder of Blend 101. Interesting fact: Is actually somewhat afraid of public speaking!


Cassie Briscoe


Cassie takes care of all administration and much loved fiance of Steve. Interesting fact: Eats our BBQ sauce on toast most days for breakfast!


Ben Jonhnstone


The only man entrusted enough with the important task of blending and quality control of our rubs. Interesting fact: Ben eats WELL DONE steak!!!!!

Want To Know More?

Would you like to know how to become a distributor for Blend 101 rubs? Would you like a passive income from selling some of the best Australian made spice blends on the market? Or perhaps would just like to own some of our fantastic rubs for yourself? Click away!